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Flaneur in the insular cities: island ecology|漫遊島城 – 島嶼生態學

Internet based residency project, with a focus on research and decentralization of knowledge production worldwide


Photo by Matthieu Bühler


2020 is a very special year, and we are deeply affected by the epidemic. Traveling, cross-culture exchange, meeting our foreign friends nowadays are still a little bit difficult to go back to the way it was. We hope this talk could create a new platform to connect the art world. Together we can still share our experiences across borders, learn from each other, and carry on with each other.

There is great biodiversity in the various islands in China, such as Chongming Island, Zhoushan Island, Hailin Island. These islands are known for their natural scenery. Flaneur in The Insular Cities: Island Ecologies call for everyone to explore the topic of islands collectivity as an artistic experimentation with Island Ecologies as a point of departure. With increasingly strict national boundaries and quarantine conditions imposed on a global scale, we invite everyone to explore the possibility of island network and topology, by extension its limitations, boundaries, modes of co-existence, as well as the zones between such demarcations, hybridization and vibrations within its locale.


Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee|Singapore / London

Ivan Juarez|Mexico city / Wroclaw

x:x (Xiong Yu-Xiu & Xue Yu-Xuan) |Chengdu



Jalan Besar Salon


Public event

9 Jan, 2021


Special thanks
RAM Station, Shanghai

Shanghai pl-art-form

Taking off an airplane, we often look out of the window and see that the land area diminishes with the height. Our perception has been raised from a two-dimensional perspective to the perspective of God in just a few minutes. From urban plains to winding rivers, from hills and valleys to magnificent mountains, they gradually become towering islands in the vast ocean. It suddenly became clear that islands are miniature continents, and continents are very, very huge islands. It seems that the land and the sea are connected, but the world is both formed and unconnected. It is this beautiful emptiness that makes us want to explore.




Public event

28 Feb, 2021


Special thanks
Jatiwangyi art Factory (Indonesia)
Undecided productions (Vietnam)
KLIP Lifestyle (HK, Poland)
Li Tien Ling (Taiwan)
Sunny Lin (Taiwan)

Blocks, or widely known patches. At first glance, it is a fragmented message. Meanwhile, in a system, it plays a role of patching, upgrading or iterating.


Using the notion of the island as a foundation, from the ports to the islands, from land to the sea, in a dream state, these seemingly unrelated points break away from the continuity of time and space in this project. The project demystifies reality with the fictional; it explores the spooky state that connects and divides the binaries.


It is a journey along the state lines, a journey without borders: surrounded by the ocean on every point on this land is a starting point, every mountain are points of opposition, and yet they connect each other to the borders.









Special thanks

Syarul Anuar (Singapore)
朱浩培 Chu Hao Pei (Singapore)
林子桓 Lin Tzu Huan (Taiwan)

CHAPTER 4: Stability & Sustainability|永續記

Public event
24 Apr, 2021

[online & Offline]

Special thanks
2050, Yunqi, Hangzhou 

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