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Shaping the cultural spectrum of the islands



10 MARCH -16  MAY 2021


a’21 is taking place in a very special time as a truly decentralized and international festival. We are developing the Collaborative (Network) Curation where the network members and invited artists are curating, creating, and performing collaboratively remotely along the two-month-long festival

Special project|Residency program
Flaneur in the insular cities: island ecology

漫遊島城 – 島嶼生態學

By Insular city zine

Cross the world via internet 網路現場

Whitney Museum

17 Mar 2021
6 - 7AM (UTC+8)

Art History From Home: Asian American Perspectives

Call for Curators

17 Mar 2021
13:30PM (UTC+8)

ALT(ering) + SHIFT(ing) + COMM(uning): Contemporary & and Terremoto
藝術雜誌 Contemporary & (C&) 分享

M+ Museum

29 Mar 2021
19PM - 21PM (UTC+8)

Understanding Museum Audiences in China

LIMA media art

24 - 26 Mar 2021

Transformation Digital Art 2021

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