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Shaping the cultural spectrum of the islands


Soon Twelve-year-old Reyboy is to leave the village that was previously his whole world. He hopes to give his poor family a better future by leaving his home village of Karihatag to attend school in the city.


Last glances and wandering thoughts: the sea and the stars, beauty and happiness and a horizon that is drawing closer. Full of hope before setting off into an uncertain future.

Cross the world via internet 網路現場

School of Art - University of Manitoba

Jan 15, 2022
02-03:30AM (UTC+8)

Kaffeeklatsch: Elvira Finnigan and Jennifer Still in Conversation
Kaffeeklatsch:Elvira Finnigan 和 Jennifer 的持續交談

Liquid Architecture

Jan 18, 2022
15:30PM (UTC+8)

Thao Phan: Listening to Misrecognition
Thao Phan:聆聽誤認

Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

Jan 19, 2022
01-03AM (UTC+8)

Workshop: Introduction to Oral History

Bombay Institute

Jan 19, 2022
21PM (UTC+8)

Capitalism: History, Logic, Limit


Jan 21, 2022
15-17PM (UTC+8)

Evening of the V2_Archive
V2_Archive 之夜

School of Art - University of Manitoba

Jan 23, 2022
09-11:30AM (UTC+8)

Deconstruction of Being: A Symposium

Feminist and Accessible Publishing

Jan 28, 2022
8-8:30AM (UTC+8)

Mindy Seu: On citations, hypertext, and online activism
Mindy Seu:關於引用、超文本和在線行動主義


Jan 30, 2022
00AM (UTC+8)

Ambient Spaghetti Avond

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